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4101 Dublin Blvd Suite D, Dublin CA 94568
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4101 Dublin Blvd Suite D, Dublin CA 94568 Adult: 925-803-5888
Pediatric: 925-803-6880
Orthodontics: 925-803-9800

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Pediatric, Orthodontic, and Family Dentist
Dublin CA

Serving the Bay Area since 1985 with one simple concept:

We aim to be your one-stop resource for all dental services from pediatric care through orthodontics, adult care, veneers, whitening, implants and anything else you may need, all under one roof.

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We are proud to provide a soothing, age-appropriate environment with state-of-the-art equipment and dentists who are experts in their specialties.

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Our Dental Team

Some of our specialists are dental school professors, and all of them are fully board certified. Our anesthesiologists are physicians trained in the latest age-appropriate methods, and our hygienists and assistants were at the top of their classes and are held accountable for their continuing education. No one touches a patient unless they are fully qualified for that procedure, from simple cleanings to the most complex bone grafts.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are titanium posts designed to replace missing teeth. These restorations offer a smile that looks and feels very natural while also preventing bone loss that can lead to premature aging of the face.
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Teeth In a Day

The All-on-4® Treatment Concept provides structure and stabilization with the placement of the dental implants, making it possible for you to go home that same day with a new set of teeth.
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Advanced Technology

Make no mistake; we take our care very seriously. Our flat screen monitors provide entertainment while you receive your care but are also teaching tools with programs that allow us to show you exactly what will happen with your procedure. A daily dose of sunshine emits more radiation than do our x-ray machines.

Our children’s care comes with TV programming designed to calm them and actually help them look forward to a trip to our office (sometimes it’s tough to get them to leave).

Our adult patients enjoy a day spa setting with soothing music played over the sound of gentle waterfalls. We deliver a pleasant experience, not just a trip to the dentist.

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Let’s Make Dentistry Fun!

A child’s first visit can be a lasting memory and we want to make sure it is a positive one. We are dedicated to the oral health care of children and to creating a fun and pleasant environment for you and your child. From the second you walk in to the minute you leave, you and your child will have a dental experience that is fun, exciting and one of a kind!

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Everyone at Waterford Dental Group is so friendly and professional! From the Dr's to the receptionists—and they have a great sense of humor as well! Love going to the dentist!!

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General Dentistry

4101 Dublin Blvd, Suite D
Dublin, CA 94568-4603
Phone: 925-803-5888
Fax: 925-803-7688

Pediatric Dentistry

4101 Dublin Blvd, Suite E
Dublin, CA 94568-4603
Phone: 925-803-6880
Fax: 925-803-5029


4101 Dublin Blvd, Suite E
Dublin, CA 94568-4603
Phone: 925-803-9800
Fax: 925-803-5029
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4101 Dublin Blvd Suite D, Dublin, CA 94568-4603
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