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Our Technology

Here at Waterford Dental Group in Dublin, CA we choose to adopt only time-tested dental technology that will give our patients great results and more value during their visit. The state of your oral health matters to your overall health, and with this great dental technology we can increase your oral health. Improving your quality of life through great oral health care is our business!

Below are the services we provide:

Digital Xrays

Digital X-rays are offered at Waterford Dental Group
Traditional X-rays took time to set up, develop, and view – we solve for all that wasted time with digital X-rays. Digital X-rays allow us to take high definition X-ray images of your mouth in only seconds. Digital X-rays show up on a monitor that we can view our patients in only seconds. Using these images, we can show you exactly what is going on in your mouth for a fraction of the cost of a traditional X-ray, savings that we pass onto you. Digital X-rays expose our patients to only 20% of the radiation that a traditional X-ray does, making it a healthier imaging solution.

Dental X-rays are primarily used to detect:
•  Internal tooth decay
•  Cysts (fluid filled sacks at the base of your teeth)
•  Tumors, both cancerous and non-cancerous
•  Impacted teeth
•  Teeth that are still coming in

At Waterford Dental Group, we use digital x-rays, which have several advantages over traditional film based x-rays. Digital x-rays allow us to take x-rays with 1/5 of the radiation that you would receive from traditional dental x-rays. The worry of exposure to excess radiation is eliminated.

Large on-screen x-rays make patient communication more effective. The immediate observation of the images on the screen allows us to discuss your dental health quickly and accurately.

Cerec 3D Scans and Milling

In the past, if we wanted to take an impression of your mouth, we would have to fill it with an unpleasant substance for about 10 minutes. Now we can simply scan your mouth using our 3D Cerec scanner, and we are done! We are even able to offer same day crowns because of our in-house cerec mill, which allows us to create crowns in hours instead of weeks. Learn more about Same Day Inlay and Onlay Restoration

Advanced Cavity Detection

The DIAGNOdent helps us to detect the early warning signs of a cavity before a full cavity ever gets a chance to develop on your teeth. Early detection of cavities can mean prevention of cavities from ever forming. We will show you the areas of your mouth that you need to pay closer attention to, and with some dedication to brushing and flossing regularly, you can prevent cavities from occurring.

Intraoral Cameras

An intraoral camera looks a bit like a toothbrush and allows us to show you a live video feed of the inside of your mouth. We use intraoral cameras to aid us in detection and education of oral health warning signs. There is incredible value in being able to point at a place in your mouth rather than having to explain to you the areas we are concerned about.

Sonic Fill

Sonic fill technology ensures that we are not leaving voids in restorations, and is a much more efficient way to treat decay. This means less time in the dental chair, and accurately placed fillings.

Oral I.D.

We use the Oral I.D. device to aid in the early detection of oral cancer, which is something that everyone is at risk for. Smoking and excessive drinking will increase your risk of oral cancer along with a genetic predisposition, but with Oral I.D. we can detect it early enough that we can treat or even prevent it altogether.


Isolite is an Illuminated Dental Isolation System offers our patients comfort in a hands-free suction device that also illuminates their mouth.

Whole Body Dentistry & Technology

Technology is able to assist us in myriad ways while also providing support in our mission of treating the whole body through the mouth. Read more about our commitment to your whole health.

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